Mary Ann Jones

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Jones has over twenty years of knowledge and experience as a clinician and administrator in senior management positions.  She became interested in healthcare management and advocacy through her work in the San Francisco Department of Public Health AIDS Office in the late 1980’s.  From there she would go on to work as a research assistant at the Bay Area Perinatal AIDS Clinic at the University of California, San Francisco on the first AZT study with pregnant women; the Family Addiction Center for Education and Treatment with pregnant women addicted to crack and heroin; and, the Bayview Hunter’s Point Alice Griffith Crack Cocaine Program. 


Her dedication to women’s issues such as sexual and domestic violence earned her special recognition, and provided her with an avenue to shape public policy, as she was appointed by then Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, to serve as his Vice-Chair on the Governor's Task Force on Domestic Violence. She has also served on the Florida Leadership Team of the Family Violence Prevention Fund; and Board President of the New Sudan Generation. In 2008, she partnered with FAVACA and Educare to address childhood labor and bring violence prevention strategies to youth and professionals living in Georgetown, Guyana. She has provided consultation to the Directorate of Gender Affairs in Antigua and the Ministry of Social Development, Community and Gender Affairs of St.Kitts. Her work in grass roots program development, sexual violence and mental health care literacy extends around the world and includes India, Pakistan, Brazil, Africa and the Caribbean.


Dr. Jones received her Ph.D. from the Wright Institute and her bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Mills College. Her academic and clinical training include: Georgetown University School of Medicine, Indiana University Bloomington, SUNY Upstate Medical Center at Syracuse, the University of California, San Diego, South County Mental Health Center and Oakwood Center of the Palm Beaches.  Mary Ann was a recipient of a Society for Neuroscience Fellowship through her work with C. Ovid Trouth, M.D., Ph.D., professor emeritus at Howard University College of Medicine and continued her interest in laboratory research while working at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in the Department of Biophysics.


Dr. Jones grew up in the Fillmore District of San Francisco where she currently lives with her family.